Sharifa Yasmin

Sharifa Yasmin is a trans Egyptian-American director and playwright raised in South Carolina. Sharifa uses her two areas of study – theatre performance and sociology – to produce pieces of theatre that are not only powerful but focus on socioeconomic issues and marginalized communities, empowering herself and others and shedding light on stories that are often suppressed or obscured. She has written one short play and two full-lengths, the most recent of which (THE DEVILS BETWEEN US) was chosen for a produced reading as part of the Women’s Theatre Festival “Occupy the Stage” in November 2020.

I am Sharifa’s script editor and have worked with her on a total of seven plays and one film, several of which have now been published and produced. Our partnership involves several rounds of developmental & line edits for each project, as well as creative consultations, copyediting for play & character descriptions, and other marketing materials.