Revision and proofreading in the fields of academia, creative writing (poetry, fiction, nonfiction/memoir, plays, webcomics), professionalism (applications, memos, cover letters), and marketing.

Previous paid work includes blog posts, copyediting, creative consulting, proofreading, transcription, and caption-editing services.

Volunteer work includes peer revision, manuscript feedback, book reviews, and evaluation of creative fiction works.


“As an emerging professional, I trust Ari wholeheartedly in any & all editing conundrums. They are an expert wordsmith and give feedback in a way that is not only reliable but also genuine, friendly, and encouraging. In all collaborations, they allow you to review their edits throughout the process and will work with you personally to accomplish your specific goals. Ari has an amazing talent in taking what you said, and crafting it into what you really want to say.”
– Sharifa Yasmin, playwright

“This service is extremely helpful to me as a college student! Ari leaves various suggestions for me to work with and work through thoroughly and now I never feel like I’m struggling. Their guidance has turned many of my ‘C’ worthy papers into A’s.”
– Jack E., student

“Ari is straight up wonderful. They were able to go through my book and kindly make suggestions. Normally when I want something edited, it comes back with red lines and a sense of being very brash. Ari was able to do it in a way that was very effective, while still keeping the warm demeanor they possess. It makes going into the editing process something not to be feared, which was new to me for sure!”
– Ellie Chavez, author of The Landslide


Copyediting – I will look over an early draft of your project and provide suggested edits for spelling and grammatical consistency, sentence structure, style, language, and overall clarity.

Substantive editing – I will help you through the revision of your project, adding comments and reorganizing elements to ensure that it flows effectively, as well as adding or rewriting text segments where necessary to improve overall readability.

Proofreading – I will look at your finished draft and make sure there are no language errors, formatting issues, or missing components.

Summary review – I will give you general feedback about your piece and its focus, strengths, and areas in which improvement is necessary.

Consulting – If you’re interested in a one-on-one discussion of your project, we’ll arrange a phone or Skype conversation to go over your goals, areas of difficulty, and how best to fulfill your creative vision.


If you are interested in collaborating on a project, please email me at and tell me a little about the service you are seeking so we can arrange an appropriate rate and time frame. I can provide samples of previous editing and revision work, as well as sample edits of your project if desired (250-500 words, depending on the genre).

Whatever story you need to tell, I’m here to help it shine.