I am a creator and an artist and — like you — another insignificant and messy human in an enormous and wonderful universe.

I write about fear, love, bodies, stars, things lost and found, the vastly beautiful world around us, and the strangers I meet along the way. I am queer, nonbinary, an activist with my own unique perspective and experiences, and I know that I do not know everything. I am here to learn, to listen, to grow, and to try to do better.

I want to touch other worlds, other words, other lives. I want to find the stories that make everything fit together and I want to help shape them with my own two hands.

what i do

I am an editor at Wizards in Space Literary Magazine, an independent, crowd-funded publication dedicated to uplifting and celebrating voices that aren’t traditionally heard in literary media. I’m also a reader at under the gum tree, an alumnus of the Oyster River Pages creative nonfiction internship, and a former mentee of Author Mentor Match.

I write in nearly every genre, including short & long fiction, poetry, theatre, food blogs, book reviews, and personal essays. My creative and academic work has been published in several literary magazines & journals such as Occam’s Razor, under the gum tree, and Ruminate. When I’m not writing, you’ll find me in the kitchen experimenting with a new recipe, exploring the great outdoors, or dancing to wizard rock. Or, let’s be honest, posting memes on Twitter.